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Pécs is an enchanting Mediterranean city, composed of many different historical layers. Its history mirrors the history of Europe. Therefore the new cultural centre can also be regarded as a future cultural centre of Europe. Our design aims to reflect the complexity of the inner city.
The city is surrounded by castle walls; within the new cultural quarter, the library represents the castle of knowledge. It is transparent yet intimate; it has a world of its own, yet through a filter it can communicate with the city. Regarding form and visualization, it is neither too explicit, nor too ambiguous, but aims to emphasize the permanence of knowledge with a clear and simple structure.
The building is composed of diverse spaces. The inner atrium is a sharply delineated, yet bustling space, whereas the building’s environment takes on the lines and angles of the surrounding urban fabric. The two different covered-open and closed-open, clear-cut and irregularly shaped spaces are divided and connected by open shelf library areas. The atrium is a diverse and multi-faceted space. Its faade varies on each floor regarding scale and type of movement. The main functions [reading rooms] are oriented towards this versatile faade, whereas the corridors are situated in the building’s interior.

Tamás Mórocz
László Földes

Anita Falb
Boushra Taraza
Péter Sónicz

competition: honorary mention

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