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single family house, szilas-patak
budapest, XVI. dobó street

The brick building, situated near the Szilas Brook, resembles a castle wall when viewed from the street or side yard. The “L” shaped house has a mono-pitched roof, with only one floor facing the street and a two-story wing towards the garden. The community spaces, master bedroom and double garage are positioned on the ground floor.
Enclosed by the building, the terrace forms a semi-atrium. This is the focal point of the house, towards which the living and dining area, the glass wall of the staircase and an upper floor loggia are oriented. Despite their modest dimensions, the living room, dining room and kitchen create a sense of spaciousness. The narrow staircase forms an exciting contrast to the predominantly horizontal elements of the building. The exterior walls are made of reused, handmade brick, the roof is clad with zinc-titanium sheets and the stained pine handrails of the loggia are attached to hot-dip galvanized steel columns.
We observed that interior and exterior spaces blend into each other to create a feeling of transparency. This led us to apply LiTraCon concrete, the new patent belonging to Áron Losonczi. The concrete blocks, with embedded glass fibres, were placed in the horizontally elongated window of the dining room. Morning light transcends through the light transmitting blocks and in the evening, guests are welcome with a warm glow.
Földes László, Fuferenda Edit, Fülöp Veronika. Losonczi Áron, Light Transmitting Concrete

Földes László

light transmitting concrete:
Losonczi Áron

Fuferenda Edit
Fülöp Veronika

plan: 2003
completed: 2004

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