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nagykovácsi, single family house
erdőalja street 4.

After returning from Denmark, the head of the family requested a simple and refined building that is not alien to the town’s atmosphere. The pitched roof two-story house was positioned on the western side of the narrow and sloped site. A long garden path leads from the street to the living and dining area. Located at the house’s core, the bathroom becomes a natural divider between the living room and dining area. The living room opens toward the valley with a covered terrace, the ideal place for enjoying the fantastic view or a glass of wine in the evening. The bedroom floor can be accessed via a straight staircase. The bedrooms all have terrace doors to the garden. The low budget building has a traditional structure, with exposed brick walls, wooden handrails and the uncoloured, natural wooden structure of the ceilings and covered terraces.

Földes László

Fuferenda Edit

plan: 2003
completed: 2003

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