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We wanted to design a building that fits to the scale of the village and perpetuates the architectural features of Zsámbék.
We mix the functionally strict floor plan with a traditional community building space form - the cloister. We place group rooms and the central multifunctional space around the cloister too.
We mean the chréche to be a proper place for building relationship between parents too.
The house will be appropriate for baby-parent events also.
It is important to scale the height of the building, the openings and the spaces comfortable for the small children.
We are intent on using natural, warm materials in the design.
We try to act upon the near building of the kindergarten partly by the organisation of the spaces, partly by the used materials.
We meant the two houses to become forming elements of the enviroment
by rising above the quality of the architectural surroundings.
The constitution of the building gives the opportunity to organise separate group sessions and common events too.

lead architects:
László Földes
Csaba Balogh

Ágnes Deigner
János Sarusi Kis
Levente Sirokai
Péter Sónicz

plan: 2010
completed: 2011

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