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w.e.t. innovation centre
pilisszentiván, bányatelep 14.

The spatial structure of the Innovation Centre belonging to the German company W.E.T. Automotive Systems can be divided into three narrow zones. The first zone, containing offices situated on three different floors, is connected to a grandiose passage with bridges and skylights. This is followed by a service zone, with meeting rooms, tea kitchens and lavatories. The service area is attached to a 5500 m2 prototyping plant. The climatic wall on the street front stimulates the temperature in the interior. The building was awarded the Architectural Award of the Figyelő Magazine in 2003, followed by the Pro Architectura Award in 2004.

Pethő László
Földes László

Bukta Csaba
Fülöp Veronika
Klimaj Lívia
Schiller Ádám

general plan:
GEON kft

plan: 2001
completed: 2002

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