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sport centre

The new sport centre’s determining elements are the large multifunctional sport and program hall to be realized in the first stroke, to which a smaller sports hall is attached, furthermore an urban swimming pool that is suitable for organizing high-level competitions.
In the later ones may increase with a three orbit tennis hall, with an ice hall suitable onto ice-hockey and with a cca. 100 room sports hostel in the timing following the investment opportunities.
The planned building complex constitutes gradation from the urban environment towards the intensive green area. While it filters the noise of the traffic, gives clear. The new building insures a „gate” towards the existing sports fields and the park for pedestrians.
We organized the single sports halls into detached blocks in the interest of the more human scale. The taller, bigger masses are pulled backwards because of the street’s line.
We treated the task with the fundamental claim of sensitive fitting to the existing partly natural, partly historical and new town environment.
The desired functions and capacities generate a formation of an extensive building in all direction, for which fragmenting according to an opportunity we suggest to take the mass to pieces with human scale. By the shaping of the single elements we suggest rather amorphous mass instead of the cube character.

general plan:
Forma zrt.

Deák László
Földes László
Jankovics Tibor

Gönczi Orsolya
Balogh Csaba

tarp construction:
Majoros Gábor

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