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hotel erzsébet
paks, szent istván tér

The building of hotel Erzsébet is one of the valuable classicist precious stone in Paks.
We laid the emphasis on the conservation of the old values beside the placement of the new functions and the architectural renovation. The flar-flung portico, the cornices, the attractive staircase, the vaulted inner spaces, these are all architectural values which it is necessary to preserve moreover it is necessary to put it in a position with architectural devices in the course of the reconstruction.
The buildings of the wellness wing we formed in such a way that it should fit on a natural manner into the old town’s fabric of Paks
The width of the new wings, his roof form is similar to the solutions which can be found at the surrounding buildings.
The wings located in the building site in such a way that a wall is formed towards the outside world, at the same time intimate, protected, green yards are created with hotel Erzsébet together.

Földes László
Gönczi Orsolya
Mórocz Tamás

Antal Gabriella
Falb Anita
Sirokai Levente
Taraza Boushra
plan: 2006

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